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Move over H1N1iA, you’ve met your match. Your strategy was bad, should’ve made your preventatives a culture war.

“A Chronicle analysis found that among 20 counties with similar levels of community transmission, San Francisco had the highest vaccination rate and among the lowest hospital admission rates for COVID-19.” Go. Get. Vaccinated.

This is my baby Spike. He’s a vivacious 15 year old baby and loves to munch. He remains a highlight of visiting my family

I am fairly certain this scroll behavior is a bug… but I’m kinda into the suspense of it.

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A dead mathematician co-authored a paper after appearing in a dream:

The paper is "Higher Algebraic \(K\)-Theory of Schemes and of Derived Categories" by Robert Wayne Thomason and Thomas Trobaugh (2007),,

It appears to have been quite an influential one; the MR review calls it a landmark, and it has over 1000 citations on Google Scholar.

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Violence, Insurrection 

This is an excellent summary of what happened. I still find it incredible that people deny the seriousness of this event

“To Carlson, objectivity is conformity, and conformity is cowardice. The more authoritative the facts, the more skeptical he becomes.” This is becoming an uncomfortably common view of measured reasoning…sure seems like a longing for the dark ages

Well, I’m glad they’re getting sued. “…women were offered lower
compensation and less lucrative job assignments than their male counterparts.
[Blizzard] paid female employees significantly less… then their male counterparts.”

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PS thank you Ariana Grande for this moment

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I legit spent 15 minutes just dancing in my room and marveling at the notion of the audio. Someone get this into a silent disco, like, yesterday

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Ok y’all. I was skeptical of spatial audio as a music-only experience… I was wrong. This is really immersive and it’s wonderful. Especially in the context of not having attending a concert since the over of covid.

Does the executive branch have the power to compel members of the legislative branch? If this were to happen, it would represent a dangerous shift in the relationships of the governmental branches.

Happy ! This is our beautiful baby Misty showing off how tall she is

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