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The only solution to climate change is to stop using fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

Carbon Removal Isn’t the Solution to Climate Change | The New Republic

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Charity solicitation 

Please consider making a donation to help protect trans youth. There’s a US$1.5M match, today only.

To donate, text PLEDGE to 707070 or visit

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I have been drinking hot water to break my *unreasonable number* coffees per day habit, and I must admit I like it better. Who knew a little heat would make water so wonderful. 🍵

I'm so proud of her! When I got this little fiddle leave they only had one small leaf left, and now look at her! Back at it 😌

There’s a group of massless teenagers on my bus playing the “Penis” game (yelling it in increasing volumes). Good to see things haven’t really changed much since I was that age… I guess.

Frankly not super surprising given how many times I’ve had near-misses with them on the sidewalks…

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Transphobia, Texas 

The media absolutely played a large part in enabling this.

How the Media Set the Stage for Texas’ Anti-Trans Witch Hunt | them.

Wordle 263 4/6


Giving this a run… Wordle 262 3/6


The way I keep trying to switch between desktops on windows is... upsetting. Why don't they have multi-desktop yet 0.o

Out Venus fly trap just caught a spider... I didn't know they did that!

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