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Happy ! This is our beautiful baby Misty showing off how tall she is

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Breonna Taylor, Graphic Video 

(14:12) To Mr Walker’s cries of “My girlfriend is dead,” police respond “I don’t give a - keep walking.” Is this what they mean by “serve and protect”?

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Visiting Greenfield Village in Detroit since we’re here for my partners cousins wedding. I have a much better idea of how people can believe falsehoods about Edison and Ford given the framing of everything here… not excusing it but if this is all you have to go on it paints a pretty picture

Thanks to everyone that tuned into our stream tonight on TPC. If you missed it, go checkout The Sentencing Project right now and consider donating and volunteering!

Imagine if MySpace beat Facebook. What a different time it could be

‘Gray area’ drinking is not a medical diagnosis, but experts say it can still be a problem. This has been growing during the pandemic

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