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Thanks to everyone that tuned into our stream tonight on TPC. If you missed it, go checkout The Sentencing Project right now and consider donating and volunteering!

Imagine if MySpace beat Facebook. What a different time it could be

‘Gray area’ drinking is not a medical diagnosis, but experts say it can still be a problem. This has been growing during the pandemic

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I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

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Got tired of waiting to select which OS to boot, so I made a physical switch

Very on brand of Facebook to make the “businesses deserve to spy on you so they can make money” angle.

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This is very cute! But to be fair I’m a sucker for anything with a dog in it.

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Thread, more thoughts on FOSS accessibility, accountability, ETC.
So, in many FOSS programs, there's this thing that says that that program shouldn't be counted on for any purpose and all that, that it may not work and such. And devs can hide under that, saying stuff like "well you know, out of scope, and besides it's my program, I don't have to make it accessible, do it yourself." Well, those devs should be scorned and boycotted, because they don't make FOSS better. The Pinephone in one project that said something like this, putting the blame on desktop Linux, while microaggressively telling me to do it myself. When you, as a developer, put something out there on Github, you are giving the community something, and if that something is inaccessible, it's your fault, and the community suffers for it. I no longer use Linux natively because of this repeated thing. No accountability, no responsibility, and no care for anyone besides biotypical and neurotypical people.

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"Biden’s promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent from 2005 levels by 2030 is going to mean life changes for everyone."

Yes, conservatives, that's the whole point!! We're already even doing it!

GOP America slogan: "America can't change anything anymore", apparently.

Because doing nothing and letting the planet go to hell obviously won't inconvenience anyone?!?

Opinion | Biden’s climate summit is full of hot air:

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