Well, that was unexpected from an iPad game…

Home improvement project N+1: we now have a coat rack for guests and I have wasted no time in using it for myself

The iOS macro photography feature is pretty cool, if only because I can take a wider variety of Misty photos

45, Sedition-Adjacent, Language 

I call it “snowflake can’t handle reality”

Move over H1N1iA, you’ve met your match. Your strategy was bad, should’ve made your preventatives a culture war.

“A Chronicle analysis found that among 20 counties with similar levels of community transmission, San Francisco had the highest vaccination rate and among the lowest hospital admission rates for COVID-19.” Go. Get. Vaccinated. sfchronicle.com/health/article

This is my baby Spike. He’s a vivacious 15 year old baby and loves to munch. He remains a highlight of visiting my family

I am fairly certain this scroll behavior is a bug… but I’m kinda into the suspense of it.

Happy ! This is our beautiful baby Misty showing off how tall she is

Thanks to everyone that tuned into our stream tonight on TPC. If you missed it, go checkout The Sentencing Project right now and consider donating and volunteering! sentencingproject.org/

I think it came out pretty well! Art by @cjsux@instagram.com

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Just found out my building has a book exchange and I got unreasonably excited

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