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I think it came out pretty well! Art by

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Just found out my building has a book exchange and I got unreasonably excited

What fresh hell is this. Alexa smart glasses? Listening to people in their home must not have produced enough data… might as well listen to everyone they hang out with

Cats are weird. I just occasionally find momma laying on the floor. Sometimes in a path. Sometimes just in a corner…

Honestly, @tootapp is one of the most pleasant apps to use on my phone. Even when the network is slow; the experience leaves me relaxed without the compulsion to “refresh”

We really need to get with the program. We’re the city of technology stuck in the past

@dansup What's the rationale behind 140 characters for alt-text descriptions? Some images can be quite complex and I wonder if that's enough space to really describe a complex scene adequately

While I’m reasonably happy with how SF has been doing, I’m extremely worried that LA is reopening. Their numbers are in a bad spot, and they need to start acting like it.

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