I remember the last mass twitter exodus, and I’m hoping we will see another over the next few weeks 🎉

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@John My biggest concern is scaling. I think Mastodon as a platform can scale, but I think Mastodon as a project needs to think about how to help communities build an instance that's right for them, rather than just saying "here's the Docker image." Some of the people on Twitter have 10M+ followers — where do they fit here?

@dgoldsmith I totally agree. I would love to see a simple and easy way for individuals to get started hosting their own instance, or even for a large corporation to take on hosting a large instance to ease some of the friction. Perhaps the expedient way is to add this to an existing subscription. Google/Microsoft offering accounts as part of their “cloud” identity/service infrastructure, and selling corporate versions?

@dgoldsmith I could’ve been clearer, I would love to see a better non-techie solution. I am not really sure what that looks like, but I think we should look for a way to make entry to the ecosystem trivial.

@dgoldsmith I’m inspired by the Nitro subscription for @discord@twitter.com, and I wonder if there’s a way to create such a platform for the fediverse. You pay a central entity to sign up/have an account, but it’s held by various servers. You can then pay to support your favorite servers, and it’s all fairly seamless.

@John Interesting. I’ll have to ask my daughter more about that (she’s a heavy Discord user). Right now I support Mastodon through Patreon, but I don’t think that would scale to the user with 10M+ followers.

Anyway, the meta-issue is I don’t get the impression that the folks behind Mastodon have thought through what will happen if 100M people descend on Mastodon.

@dgoldsmith oh, well… I think you’re right about that!

@dgoldsmith for the 10 million follower account I find myself more perplexed. I expect there would be real value in a “who you know” migration tool using the existing verification embeds for the profile. Once verified, you can make yourself “discoverable” to the fediverse by your other accounts in an onboarding flow… maybe?

@John It’s not so much that specific scenario. I think the Mastodon Project needs to have a realistic answer to the question, “How would it work if 10% of Twitter joined Mastodon?” Right now everyone just piles on mastodon.social, like today. I think different kinds of users need different kinds of instances, and that needs to be fleshed out. Companies like Apple have web sites that show how their products can be used for different scenarios; I think Mastodon needs that.

@John Like, here’s how an instance for members of Congress would work. Here’s how an instance for celebrities would work. Here’s how an instance for government officials would work. Here’s how an instance for academics would work. Here’s how an instance for activists would work. How would they do moderation? How big would they need to be? What would their federation policies be? Membership? Etc etc etc

@dgoldsmith something like guides and frameworks for community founders? I could see that being extended into something akin to community “templates,” similar to Twitters “for professionals” section.

@John Yes! I don’t know if that’s the *exact* answer, but there needs to be a section like that on joinmastodon.org showing different scenarios. Right now I think people coming into Mastodon from Twitter are not aware of all the options. And if everyone just piles onto mastodon.social, that won’t scale. Ideally new people would come up with new ideas, but I think the Mastodon team needs to show *some* of what’s possible.

@John Here's an example: someone whose livelihood revolves in some way around their social media presence will want some assurance that their toots, followers, etc will not just vanish some day. Without that, Mastodon can't be their primary platform.

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