I ordered some “fog block” to try it and it works wayyyy better than I expected. Great tool, especially for this era where we all wear masks all the time nerdwax.com/collections/produc

My friend has gotten really good at making sourdough bread and he’s been sharing it. Just climbed knob hill for some, it’s soooo good

Just found this corruption map in Mission Local. Great visualization, with some good info on the corrupt actions of our officials here in SF. missionlocal.github.io/interac

Well, that was unexpected from an iPad game…

Home improvement project N+1: we now have a coat rack for guests and I have wasted no time in using it for myself

“The mayor and her entire team should resign,” this was the one for you? Not the corruption, drug overdose deaths, and homelessness tragedies we see daily? Kinda skipping over the meat and potatoes here @sfchronicle sfchronicle.com/bayarea/articl

“He denied having any racial or sexist biases, saying he had no idea how he came up with the term he used.” He thinks this is an apology… 🤦‍♂️ expressnews.com/news/local/art

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Apparently #facebook doesnt own the #meta trademark but is using it anyway... I really hope this ends with them looking like a fool.

The iOS macro photography feature is pretty cool, if only because I can take a wider variety of Misty photos

Hidden brain continues to be a delight. Gives me a lot to reflect and think on. If you haven’t, check it out! podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/

45, Sedition-Adjacent, Language 

I call it “snowflake can’t handle reality”

Move over H1N1iA, you’ve met your match. Your strategy was bad, should’ve made your preventatives a culture war.

“A Chronicle analysis found that among 20 counties with similar levels of community transmission, San Francisco had the highest vaccination rate and among the lowest hospital admission rates for COVID-19.” Go. Get. Vaccinated. sfchronicle.com/health/article

This is my baby Spike. He’s a vivacious 15 year old baby and loves to munch. He remains a highlight of visiting my family

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