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If you’re new, and in/interested in SF, please feel free to come aboard! We’ve got signups because bots are annoying, but I check the queue daily!

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I remember the last mass twitter exodus, and I’m hoping we will see another over the next few weeks 🎉

"The changes were expected to require up to 100 people to accept treatment, but three years later, they’ve led to just three people receiving care." It's disappointing to see our leaders fail time and again to follow through on extremely modest changes...

I’m back in Texas to help with my moms care, likely for the last time if things keep on the way they are. Mom is at the point she needs someone to read her to sleep. Her choice of literature? Studies on the outcomes of intermediate housing, their unexpected consequences, and mechanisms for iteration. I couldn’t be more amazed by her

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That's right, it’s again! This week, @cobaltgear was showing misty all the places she's never seen in the apartment. She wasn’t convinced by the freezer, 2/10 very cold.

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Got to see a beautiful sunset on the top floor of

I swear every building in SoCal has at least one of these

I've heard exceptional things about this edition, and I'm excited to check it out next week

I am always surprised seeing other people sitting on a mass transit system just leaving their mask off. This gentleman has a coffee next to him, and so I assume he believes himself 'actively drinking,' despite not having taken a sip for several minutes...

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Under the Table tonight: Black and gold; a drop of shadow in your tequila, a bit of mischief for your coin? Watch what you drink lest it drinks you. Watch our horror/western at 7pm PT on

Just heard some not amazing news about my mothers treatment. In unrelated news, I am feeling Rachmaninoff 's '14 Romances, Op. 34: No. 14, Vocalise' extra hard right now.

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Happy ! Misty found our pile of blankets and realized their true potential.

Have any of y'all heard about HipHop for change? It seems like a really interesting community non profit, and I'm wondering if any of y'all have experiences with them

Broke my bike chain yesterday, just as I arrived at my chamber music class 😢 thankfully, the management was super kind and let me store it there over night so I could get it repaired today.

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